Hi, my name's Artem
Designer who became the drawing Product Owner
I am 36 years old, of which more than 12 I am engaged in designing interfaces for mobile devices, web. For the last 5 years I have been actively involved in projects as a "product manager" or "product owner" with all my job responsibilities.

The country of my birth is Russia. I speak two languages (Russian and English) and try to travel a lot to expand my experience.

If you hit this page, it means I sent my resume or someone recommended me. Either way, take a look at the whole site. Thank you.
Research [CJM]
I study the market of your colleagues (competitors) and conduct a detailed analysis of weaknesses and strengths. I don't forget about users.
User experience [UX]
Based on the collected data, personal experience and business requirements, I design interfaces based on the basic rule "the user brings money".
User interface [UI]
I study all popular design resources, follow the trends and use the best visual solutions from around the world. I often draw from scratch.
Keeping secrets [NDA]
All agreements on the implementation of the project and when working in the office are secured by a nondisclosure agreement and my honest word.
Part of team [Climate]
Adequately communicate with all departments of any product, as well as with all partners and vendors. The result always requires maximum effort and focus.
Cost [Mmmm]
The cost of each product outsourcing is discussed individually. I will never tell you how much an hour of my work costs, but I will tell you how much the work will cost.
Curriculum Vitae
Who I was working for and with
Startup Mentor
barama.az | Azerbaijan
- Master classes UX/UI
- Helping startups with product creation
- UX/UI consultation
- Business logic support
- Evaluation of visual solutions for startups

Barama Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center is the first business incubator in Azerbaijan, created with the support of Azercell Telecom LLC and PASHA Bank in 2009. The Center's main goal is to grow the digital ecosystem in Azerbaijan. Barama Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center is composed of Innovation Laboratory, Business Incubator & Entrepreneurship support, Business Solutions and Partnership areas. Since 2019 Barama IEC is supported by Innovation Agency Azerbaijan.
4 months
Head of Product
United Arab Emirates
- Strategic product development planning
- Team management
- Developed product roadmaps
- Product day-by-day management
- iOS and Android development workflow
- Design app for iOS and Android
- Partners relationship

Yzer is not your average messaging app. On top of delivering superior instant-messaging performance, Yzer eliminates language barriers, letting you communicate with anyone – anywhere – without having to know your partner's language.
2 years 5 months
Head of Mobile
- Strategic product development planning
- Team building and team management
- Developed product roadmaps
- Product day-by-day management
- iOS development workflow

Rambler Group is one of the leaders in the Russian media and entertainment industry and one of the largest digital platforms of the runet. The group's main activities are digital media, online cinema and technological services.
7 months
Head of Mobile
aviakassa.com | Russia
- Strategic product development planning
- Team building and team management
- Product day-by-day management
- Customer satisfaction, UX analysis, design etc.
- iOS and Android development workflow
- Design app for iOS and Android
- Monitored analytic programs and collaborated on eMarketing strategies with web team to improve SEO and paid search.

Achievements: The first week in the App Store Russia and first place in the "New items of the week" section on the main / The fourth week in the App Store Russia and the second place in the collection "Planning holidays" category "Travel" / The first month in App Store Russia and the 3rd place in the section "The best in April" on the main page.
11 months
Senior Product Designer
aviasales.ru | Thailand
Mobile app Hotellook.ru
- market research
- interface for iPhone and iPad
- study of UX in the hotel segment

- market research
- Creation of adaptive design
- study of UX in the hotel segment

Creating a new "search result" Aviasales.ru
- increase in conversion by 9%
- carrying out A/B testing
- still working in 2020

Aviasales was founded in 2007. This is the first and largest in the Russian Internet cheap flights meta search website and looking for flights from 728 airlines, 200 sales offices and 5 booking systems (GDS) using the most modern technology. Forbes published 20 Most Expensive Runet Companies 2018 and 2019, Aviasales is on the 11th place.
1 year 8 months
UX/UI Designer
qiwi.com | Russia
- Design of mobile applications
- Interface design of payment terminals
- Design of the main and promo sites

The QIWI Wallet electronic payment system was launched at the end of 2007. The system allows customers to make payments online for utilities, mobile phone bills, internet, online purchases and bank loans. The company runs 15 million virtual wallets co-branded with Visa and operates cash-collecting terminals and kiosks.
7 months
redkeds.com | Russia
- Game design for social networks
- Technical Design

Red Keds Creative Agency. The purpose of the agency is to creatively create and serve the humanist ideals of humanity. The agency exists since 2005 and develops advertising, design, any interactive communications. It cooperates with the largest companies: Sony, Honda, Infiniti, Coca-Cola, Hochland, Heineken, Panasonic, Ikea, Converse, Nokia.
5 months
Russia / Ukraine / USA
Project work on products of companies in positions:
- product owner
- product manager (web and mobile)
- ux/ui designer (web and mobile)

I've been working with :
Tinkoff Bank, MTS Bank, Euroset, DrimSim, Medicata, Du, Etisalat, Adrenta, FinalPrice and many small-scale projects.

Project work on products of companies in positions: product owner, product manager (web and mobile), ui/ux designer, lead designer, consultant.
13 years
Something from the past
I can show you some works that are somehow not protected by NDA or are outdated. Each project is unique for me, so the implementation of each project is unique and corresponds to the customer's requirements.
My concepts
In my spare time I create concepts designed to improve the current services of different companies.
Thank you for reading it. Have a good day.
Feel free to write or hire me.
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